6 Tech Gifts For Mother's Day That Mom Will Actually Love

Mother’s Day is around the corner! That one day each year when we go above and beyond to show the moms in our lives how much we love and appreciate all that they do. Let’s face it, moms are basically the superheroes of our world. As much as we don’t want to admit it sometimes, they do more for their families than we can even fathom. While most of us complain about our nine-to-five work day, Mom’s work hours start when she opens her eyes in the morning and don’t end until she shuts them at night.

The responsibilities a mother has are endless:

  • Childcare Provider (which has hundreds of duties on its own)
  • Career Juggler
  • House Cleaner
  • Grocery Shopper
  • Money Manager
  • Chauffeur
  • Chef
  • Therapist
  • Referee
  • Teacher
  • Play-Date Coordinator
  • Event Planner

You get the idea…

So, other than ordering her a beautiful arrangement of flowers, why don’t you get her something new and impressive? We asked moms what they would be excited to receive on Mother’s Day. Check out our list of the top six tech gifts she desires.  

1. Roomba Robot Vacuum ($169 and up, available online or in select retailers)

Housework is no joke. Nobody loves doing it, not even mom. Make her life easier by getting her a robot vacuum that will literally clean the floors for her. Not only are you gifting her a cool gadget, you’re knocking out one of her most dreaded chores. Two birds, one stone

2. Ava Ovulation Tracker ($199, available online)

This new scientific technology could help the woman in your life become a mother much faster. Ava is a bracelet that a woman wears while she is sleeping at night. It’s sensors collect data related to the woman’s ovulation, menstrual cycle, sleep quality, pregnancy and more. It’s basically a FitBit for tracking fertility! This device is perfect for hopeful moms-to-be (for more information visit www.avawomen.com).

3. HP Sprocket Photo Printer ($129, available online and in select retailers)

How many photos do you think mom takes of the kids each day? If she’s anything like me, she’s got hundreds of photos stored in her phone of her children. This new pocket photo printer is perfect for the snap-happy mom! The device connects to a phone through Bluetooth and instantly prints 2”x3” photos. Now, she can free up some storage on her phone for some new pictures. 

    4. Owlet Baby Monitor ($299, available online and in select retailers)

    A new mom has no idea what to expect after she has her baby. There are countless news stories and research about what could go wrong. So many do’s and dont’s for how the baby sleeps. Most new moms are constantly worrying if the baby is alright and still breathing while asleep. The Owlet is a little sock that goes on your baby’s foot and monitors his or her heart rate and oxygen levels. The information gets sent straight to your phone. The website claims that 83% of users have reported better sleep since using the Smart Sock. Why not gift the new mom in your life with the sleep she deserves? A bonus would be offering to watch the baby while she takes a nap!


  • 5. BellaBeat Smart Jewelry ($119 and up, available online)

  • Activity tracker meets body and mind relief. These leaf bracelets not only track a woman’s daily activity (think Fitbit), but also tame stress and suggest meditation exercises. Considering the amount of work moms do every day, the stress reducing feature on this bracelet is a huge breakthrough!
  • 6. Ozobot Evo ($99, www.ozobot.com)

  • A smart, social robot that will keep kids entertained for hours AND teach them the basics of coding? I think all moms can agree that is a jackpot combination! Evo is a cute little robot with a quirky personality. Kids learn to code with markers and color combinations. Once they master color codes, they can move onto OzoBlockly, Ozobot’s block-based programming software. Many moms set restrictions on screen time for their kids due to the risks associated with having too much of it. Make Mom smile by making screen time smarter this year. For the tech timid mother, Evo is an opportunity for her to learn to code alongside her kiddos!
    Let this Mother’s Day stand out for the moms in your life. If these suggestions don’t work for you, may I suggest offering her a day of pampering? Take the kids somewhere for a day and let her read a book in silence, or take a nice hot bath without interruptions. Offering to cook dinner or taking her out is also not a bad idea. Simple help around the house or with the kids can really take a load off for a mother. Treat her like the queen that she is this year.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

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