How To Be A Super Dad This Father's Day

We’ve got a thing for superheroes of all stripes at Ozobot—from skins that transform our pocket-sized bots into powerful allies, to the superwomen of STEAM like Susan Wojcicki and Sheryl Sandberg. All that talk got us thinking, how could we help dads become the heroes of their households this Father’s Day? How can they take matters into their own hands, rather than being subjected to another sub-par breakfast in bed (sorry, kids). We’ve put together a list of smart, fun, and FANtastic things to do with your kids this weekend. Because there’s nothing stopping you from reaching Super Dad status.

We believe that skill sets spanning science, tech, engineering, the arts, and math are key to unlocking the potential of young minds. So, set aside a few hours this weekend to spark your kids’ creativity with an art project. Or, explore the smarter side of screen time and learn to code with them! If you’re looking for specific instructions, here are three Father’s Day activities that will help you hone your inner hero and shape your super sidekick. The first is a hands-on art project, the second teaches coding, and the third combines both art and technology into one epic experience.



We’re pretty into coding here. But many parents don’t realize that computer programming is an art, not a science. Code is basically a computer language people use to create things with technology. Your kids can use coding and programming to make their own websites or blogs, design their own games, or command their own personal Ozobot. That means creative thinking and exposure to the arts can go a long way when combined with coding skills.
With that in mind, we’ve come up with a great way to stoke your kids’ imagination and transform yourself into Super Dad this weekend. Why not create your own comic book together? From coming up with the title to sketching out super-powered versions of yourselves, this activity is guaranteed to lead to some serious bonding.
You’ll need:

·      A comic sketch book (options from Pacon and Canson)
·      Colored pencils or markers (order Ozobot markers here)
·      A superhero name and a strong imagination!


Dad and daughter coding together.

We’re also big fans of and their mission to expand access to computer science. Every December, we design a fun, free Ozobot activity as part of their Hour of Code initiative. But the activity we’re eyeing for Father’s Day involves Rey, BB-8, and a Star Wars theme that’s sure to get your child or teen into coding. By dragging and dropping blocks of code, they can help Rey program BB-8 to collect pieces of scrap. It’s just like using our own OzoBlockly programming editor. Even tech timid parents can try it. Get started with an introductory video and step-by-step instructions, so you can learn to code alongside your kids.

Here’s what you’ll need:

· A computer, tablet, or smartphone
·’s free Building a Galaxy with Code activity


Our last suggestion is sure to earn you Super Dad gold stars. If you and your brood are major moviegoers, there’s only one way to combine creativity, coding, and your favorite big-screen heroes all in one place: Ozobot! If you don’t already have an Ozobot Evo, place your order here (and take advantage of our Father’s Day sale with code SUPRDAD). Then, follow the steps below.

Ozobot Evo is a connected robot that empowers your kids to create and play while learning to code. Snap one of our Action Skins on top of Evo, available in Limited Edition Master Packs, and bring your hero to life with lights and sound effects. Then, enjoy three ways to play.

First, take control of your super smart robot with markers. Yes, markers. Draw lines on white paper, and your Evo will follow along. Add OzoCodes—short color codes that tell Evo what to do—and watch the bot respond. Bonus for dads: teach your kids the OzoCodes and they’ll be picking up basic coding concepts without even realizing it!

Next, download the free Ozobot Evo app to play games and interactive activities. As you advance you’ll build up skills and unlock power moves. Once you and your half-pint hero have mastered color coding and activities, it’s time to hack your Evo. Use our OzoBlockly online editor to drag and drop blocks of code and write programs. Easily upload those programs to your Evo via Bluetooth, and watch the bot bring your creations to life.

So there you have it. Father’s Day activities that will help you and your kids gain 21st century superpowers. Share your super STEAM creations with us by using @Ozobot and #OzoNation!

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