Ozobot Hour of Code™ Challenge


Ozobot Hour of Code™ Challenge

Winners will be randomly selected daily at 4 pm PT starting on Tuesday, December 6th. Submit your entries by Sunday, December 11th at 11:59 pm PT.

December 6th Winners

Ozobot Starter Pack Winner: Bijan A.

Ozobot Starter Pack Winner: Tanya Cheeves

Ozobot Evo Winner: Tyler Pearson

December 7th Winners

Ozobot Starter Pack Winner: Justin Mills

Ozobot Starter Pack Winner: Ephraim Lee

Ozobot Evo Winner: Rebecca Madar

December 8th Winners

Ozobot Starter Pack Winner: Caitlin Arakawa

Ozobot Starter Pack Winner: Joy Rosales

Ozobot Evo Winner: Margarita Tamez

December 9th Winners

Ozobot Starter Pack Winner: Jennifer Vogel

Ozobot Starter Pack Winner: Brooke Martinette

Ozobot Evo Winner: Kimberly Gifford

December 10th Winners

Ozobot Starter Pack Winner: Amanda Welker

Ozobot Starter Pack Winner: Daniel Taylar

Ozobot Evo Winner: Nathan Bee

December 11th Winners

Ozobot Starter Pack Winner: Duane Martinez

Ozobot Starter Pack Winner: David Mires

Ozobot Evo Winner: Teresa Baker

December 12th Winners

Ozobot Starter Pack Winner: Laurie Mick

Ozobot Starter Pack Winner: Gage Southard

Ozobot Evo Winner: Michelle Brown

Ozobot Evo & Marvel's The Avengers Master Pack Winners

Ozobot Avengers Master Pack, Iron Man Winner: Ryan Read

Ozobot Avengers Master Pack, Iron Man Winner: Carrie Willis

Ozobot Avengers Master Pack, Captain America Winner: Elisa Marks

Ozobot Avengers Master Pack, Captain America Winner: Tim Cross


Winners will be contacted by email on Tuesday, December 13th.



  • Elisa Marks

    Wow! I can’t believe I won. My son will be so excited to get this for hannukah…and maybe I’m gonna use it when he’s asleep :) shhhh. Don’t tell! I didn’t receive a winner email today though. How do I follow up with you?

  • Stephanie Nantkes

    WOW is what the students say after they engage with Ozbots! They look for different ways to explore movement, while problem solving in teams. Teamwork. Students like using iPads or maps of paper. Very easy for students to be successful!

  • BEcky REigle

    Great little robot to help children learn coding!

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