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Discover how to bring programming to life in your classroom with Ozobot. This online course offers a step-by-step guide to integrating Ozobot Color Codes and computational thinking into your curriculum, providing you with all the tools you need to engage your students in exciting educational activities. Perfect for educators looking to enhance their teaching with innovative STEAM learning experiences and can be done on your time, no scheduling or appointments required!

Features & Benefits:

-Foundational Coding Concepts: Begin with the basics of Ozobot's Color Codes, progressing to introductory programming logic with Ozobot Blockly, laying a solid foundation for computational thinking.

-Creativity and Storytelling: Learn how to blend coding with storytelling, turning abstract programming concepts into captivating narratives that engage and educate.

-Engagement Across Curriculum: Discover versatile teaching strategies to integrate Ozobot activities into various subjects, enhancing the learning experience beyond the computer science classroom.

-Hands-On Learning: Experience the immediacy of coding with tangible outcomes as Ozobot robots bring your programming to life, making learning fun and impactful.

-Community and Collaboration: Foster an environment of collaboration and sharing among students, utilizing coding projects to build teamwork and communication skills.

What to Expect:

-Detailed lesson plans covering the essentials of creative coding with Ozobot, including practical applications and classroom management tips.

-A wealth of interactive activities and project ideas that can be adapted for different age groups and learning objectives.

-Access to a supportive community of educators, offering insights, resources, and inspiration for integrating Ozobot into your teaching.

Ideal For:

-Educators in K-12 settings, afterschool program coordinators, coding club mentors, and business partners looking to support innovative educational initiatives. Whether you're introducing students to their first coding experience or looking to enrich an existing curriculum, this course offers the tools and inspiration to make learning with technology exciting and accessible.

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